December 16, 2012: I've invoked the scary "H" word, even though there already seemed to have been a hiatus between every comic update.  Well, now it's official.  My free time dwindles more and more, so I need to admit to myself that regular updates are out of the question.  During this hiatus I will try to figure out what kind of work I even want to be doing.  I've gotten pretty lazy in the joke-writing department.  I'd accept the flimsiest excuse for a joke as long as it gives me something fun to draw.  Perhaps that's a sign I should focus on illustration.  But then again I've always wanted try a plot-driven comic.  Regardless, I'll return if and when I can update with better quality and quantity.



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November 6, 2012: Off the Beaten Path

UPDATE:  I forgot to mention that I plagiarized myself by using an old sketch to draw the the head of the guy pounding the path in the comic above. The original sketch is below. Click it for a larger image.

* * *

I put a whole lot of effort into a drawing that supports a pretty corny gag. Eh, whatta ya gonna do? (Write better jokes, Crispy. That's what.)

* * *

Oh, hey. Here's this:

Galoot. Is he hero or villain? Who knows? Who cares. His belt buckle reads "Y.E.S." as if to answer your question, "Will he be kicking my ass today?"

This is the only remaining page of a long-lost, bizarre, old comic worth a quite a few big bucks in collectors' circles. And it just so happens to be mine.

Just kidding. It's just some silliness I drew and edited to look old. The text in the speech bubble is the title of a track by the band Tortoise. It seemed like a good threat/catch phrase for a weirdo character.

Oh, by the way, here's the video for "Prepare Your Coffin":

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